The Marine Machinery Association is the trade association that serves the interests of the American companies that supply products, systems and services to the world’s shipyards.

Meetings and Conferences

MMA meetings and conferences offer an excellent opportunity to develop valuable business relationships with peers and customers alike. There are two bi-annual meetings open to the public, each with a unique theme and agenda prepared to address industry issues and challenges with presentations from customers and member companies. The result is a one-of-a-kind forum for industry and customers to meet and exchange information and views on issues impacting the marine industry.

  •         The Spring Meeting – is held in the Washington DC area. This event normally includes key speakers from the United States DoD discussing relevant topics with industry. For more information about the spring meeting, click here.

  •         The Fall Meeting – usually held at a site convenient to the partnering shipyard or customer for that particular event. These events often include a tour of the shipyard or customer’s facilities along with presentations on their current programs.

In addition, MMA holds monthly meetings for MMA members to discuss emerging issues and to plan for future events. These meetings are rotated among member companies and customer locations and offer excellent networking opportunities to further develop business relationships. For more details about MMA membership, click here.

Networking Opportunities

Success in business is all about relationships. MMA understands and appreciates this fundamental aspect of business and the value of networking to establish such relationships. MMA members have the opportunity to meet and associate with other professionals in the shipbuilding industry and share technical expertise and ideas. Members can use MMA contacts to reach potential customers, sources, and partners around the world.

Industry Information Updates

Regular updates of information, including trends and contract awards in the industry, are provided to MMA members via email. This information helps the members stay informed on the status of key Navy programs and provides insight on events that impact the marine industry.

MMA Online

The MMA website is accessed by many end users interested in learning more about the MMA members and their products and services. Our home page offers a one-click link to a listing of all MMA member companies, which features live links to member websites.