MMA Members Meet at the offices of L3 Power Paragon, Inc(PPI) – February 8-9, 2016

Marine Machinery Association

February 8-9, 2016

L3 Power Paragon, Inc.

Anaheim, CA

Meeting Minutes


0800  The MMA gathered at the offices of L3 Power Paragon, Inc(PPI) 901 E. Ball Road in Anaheim, CA 92805.


Attendees at the meeting were as follows; John Rhatigan, Marine Machinery Association, Leslie Richard, Marine Machinery Association, Jay Griffin, Ellwood City Forge, Lauren Yancey, Hi-Test Laboratories, Inc., Ken Salphine, Graham Corporation, Robert Coates, L3 SPD Electrical Systems, Bill Berger, Ward Leonard CT, Brion Sabbatino, Bogue Systems Inc., Dave Douglas, Howell Laboratories, Inc., Al Taylor, L3 Maritime Systems, Rick Cordray, Tri-Tec Mfg., Steve Misun, Fairlead Integrated Power and Controls, John Fleming, Cobham, Mission Systems, John Kelly, JoKell, Inc.,  Mo Zahzah, David Pei, and Monte Wilcox of L3 PPI.


0815 Call to Order by John Rhatigan and introduction of all members present.


0830, Mo Zahzah from  PPI gave a presentation on the capabilities of the organization.  PPI is a robust division of L3 which occupies 116,000 square feet in Anaheim.  They are 100 percent military and currently employ approximately 400 employees. They are planning at ramping up to 500 employees within the year.  Their equipment is on all the latest combatants in the US Naval fleet. If it has to do with power and power conversion on a combatant, they can supply it.  One of their current goals is to make their equipment “smaller, smarter and use less power”.


0915 Steve Misun from Fairlead Integrated Power and Controls gave us a great overview of the his organization.  Integrated Power and Controls is the electronic arm of Fairlead Industries. Fairlead Integrated Power & Controls is a leader in electrical control panels, switchboards, power distribution, and full-scale automation systems.  The CEO is Jerry Miller a 1984 Annapolis grad. They are based out of Chesapeake Virginia and Fairlead’s three divisions currently employ 166 people. One of their divisions was selected in 2011 to become the first production facility for the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships advanced Mission Module Containers.


1000 Bill Berger from Ward Leonard CT LLC(WL) gave an excellent presentation on the capabilities of WL. WL started in 1892 and is located in Thomaston, CT and Houma,LA.  They have approximately 250 employees.  WL started out as one of the first suppliers of train lighting and electric elevators.  Now WL supplies highly engineered motors, controls and integrated solutions to Military and Heavy Industry worldwide.  Bill mentioned that one of their everyday concerns is how to keep EMI costs down.  It appears that EMI filtering and testing continues to be an everyday challenge.


1045 Monte Wilcox and Mo Zahzah gave tours of the PPI facility.  They are very busy and it appeared that almost all the real estate in their building is occupied.  One thing that was Monte mentioned that helped them improve their throughput and quality was the breaking down of electronic assemblies into manageable work packages.  This helps new employees quickly become experts in their part of the manufacturing process.  The reliance on perfect parts from their suppliers is also paramount to the organization.


1200 A working lunch was held in the PPI conference room.


1300 Meeting was adjourned.