MMA Members Visit Vigor Shipyard, Portland, Oregon – March 11, 2014



MMA’s Members met at Vigor Shipyard, 5555 North Channel Avenue, Portland, OR, on March 11, 2014. Present were: Jack P. Janetatos, Chairman of the Board, MMA; Jack Barney, Johnson Controls/York Navy Systems; Jim Collins, Aqua-Chem, Inc.; John Trapp, Ward Leonard; David Douglas, Howell Laboratories, Inc.; Mark Haller, Tri-Tec Manufacturing; Robert Nunamann, Nunamann & Associates, Inc.; Chris Bain, and Savannah Lynch, BNL Industries; Terry Compton, and Vic Roberts, Cla-Val; Brion Sabatino, Bogue Industries, Inc.; Jorda Elliott, The Hiller Companies; Steve Henderson, Pacific Marine Systems; Tom Tokar, Icon Management Systems, division of Clark-Reliance Corp.; David Olszewski and Rich Reynolds, Wartsila Defense Inc.; and Al Taylor, L-3 Communications. Present from Vigor Shipyards was John R. McQuillan, Vince Piscitello, Dan Rowe, Richard O’Neill, Cole Hardman and Tom Gaston.


Jack Janetatos, MMA’s Chairman, called the meeting to order,


Richard O’Neill of Vigor led the group in self-introductions and descriptions of companies present and their products.


Vince Piscitello gave a briefing on Vigor’s current and projected business.


John McQuillan gave a briefing on Vigor’s organization, its facilities and its business. He then led the group on a tour of the shipyard.


Following the tour the group had a working lunch in the conference room and then adjourned.


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