Summary of Mr. Rich Steffens speech to the MMA – March 3, 2016

Summary of Mr. Rich Steffens (Executive Director for the Western Hemisphere-U.S. Department of Commerce) speech to the MMA on 3 March 2016


I had asked Rich to speak to the MMA about trade with Canada and specifically the Canadian Shipbuilding market.  Rich was the perfect speaker for the end of a long day.  Here are the main points that Rich thought would interest the group.


• Currently the government of Canada is planning to spend up to $37.5 Billion Dollars on revamping their Navy and Commercial fleet.


• Canada has two major industry events per year where shipbuilders and equipment manufacturers meet.


• The shows are Mari-Tech National Marine Exhibition and Conference, St. John’s, NL, May 5-6/16 and DEFSEC Atlantic 2016 September 6-8 in Halifax.


• He said any questions about attending the events can be sent to


Luz E. Betancur

Commercial Specialist

U.S. Embassy Ottawa

U.S. Department of Commerce | U.S. Commercial Service

T: (613) 688-5411

M: (613) 293-0622



• He said don’t be afraid of offsets but think of all the things you can do locally in Canada that count towards the offset including


1. Getting local translation services for all drawings and tech manuals

2. Having a local machine shop do some machining

3. Buy raw material in Canada

4. Having a local maintenance company to support your equipment during trials and warranty periods.

5. Travel expenses in Canada


• Rich said the Canadians are very loyal customers.  If you do a good job for them they will reward you with years of contracts.


• is a good website that describes their procurement process.


I have enclosed a couple of attachments that may be of interest (thanks to Jim Baur of Jo-Kell).


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