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Industry Leaders and Partners,

On behalf of your Navy team, and as we look ahead towards some uncertain times, we wanted to provide our shipbuilding and ship sustainment industrial base stakeholders with a centralized touch-point for communicating COVID-19 challenges, risks, and impacts as you better understand them across your own business units and market segments.  In complete transparency, we are very much in the beginning stages of understanding those same areas within and across the Navy Enterprise.  As we better know the expected timelines associated with COVID-19, we will likely ask for more detailed and specific strategic and tactical questions related to your supply chains, workforce, and material readiness; for now, our intent is to provide you and your critical suppliers with a mechanism for communicating major impacts to your business and to Navy’s operational readiness.

Here’s what you can expect from us: As NAVSEA’s recently established Shipbuilding Industrial Base Task Force (SIB-TF), we were chartered to coordinate across programs and portfolios to identify critical challenges and provide aligned recommendations for necessary actions across our stakeholders and supply chains.  While there is no precedent for the situation we currently find ourselves in, we want to work with you to establish a proactive approach to understanding mission priorities, bounding problems, and communicating options and opportunities up the Navy chain.  In the interest of agility and urgency, we wanted to reach out to you via existing associations, organizations, and networks to facilitate needed communication over the coming weeks and month.  While this is by no means a replacement for communicating your issues with your shipbuilders, primes, and program offices, this is a means to accelerating the communication and elevating issues that pose the most risk to our collective mission.

For awareness, our team’s contact information has been included below my signature.  Thank you in advance for your coordination, please don’t hesitate to reach out as you understand implications and impacts, and please continue to take care of yourselves and your workforce as a shared priority.  

Matt Evans
Director, Shipbuilding Industrial Base Task Force

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Matt Evans
Director, Shipbuilding Industrial Base Task Force

Whitney Jones
Deputy, Strategic Communications & Engagement
Shipbuilding Industrial Base Task Force

Thais Canedo
Team leader, Supply Chain Analytics
NAVSEA, Cost Engineering & Industrial Analysis Division